Our Philosophy

In the Mahabir Group of Institutions, we have chosen to take a proactive approach to addressing the diversity and equity challenges facing our community by:

  • Developing innovative practices to remove many of the barriers that impede students from achieving excellence in their program.
  • Fostering a culture of open communication and collaboration, necessary for sustaining a diverse community.

We understand that these goals are central to the overall mission of the institution. In order to prepare men and women to take on roles of leadership in the field we must ensure that the community of students within the institution is supportive of a diverse body of men and women.  In order to expand the base of knowledge, we must expand the base of qualified applicants to ensure that our student body is representative of the full range of ideas, experiences, and perspectives that are necessary for the creation of new knowledge.  We define diversity broadly to embrace many distinctions, whether in gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation or in socioeconomic status, family origin or physical or cognitive abilities. This means that whatever path you have taken to MGI, you will find opportunities to grow and achieve here.