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The Central library has been built to International Standards, Spreads over to four floors with an area of 400 sq.m. It is centrally air-conditioned, well-protected with fire alarm, CCTV and book security system. Specialized collections of Books, Journals & Non-book materials are available in Basic Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Biotechnology, Humanities and Social Sciences. The Collection replete with 6,250 Documents, 6,120 Volumes of Books 294 CDs. 100 video cassettes and 105 Audio Cassettes.

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1. The admissions to B Tech courses are made through online off campus counseling by the Haryana State Counseling Society (HSCS) on the basis of AIEEE / LEET.

2. The admissions to B Tech courses are made through online off campus counseling by the Haryana State Counseling Society (HSCS) on the basis of AIEEE / LEET.

3. The admissions to B Tech courses are made through online off campus counseling by the Haryana State Counseling Society (HSCS) on the basis of AIEEE / LEET.

Hostel Top..

Mahabir College offers a superb boarding complex to its students. The rooms are well- ventilated, elegant, cavernous and cosy. Two students stay in a room comfortably. There are adequate security arrangements for protecting the students from any untoward incident. The Hostel Superintendents cum Counsellors interact with the students amicably and Solve their intractable problems with astonishing ease. To keep the young technocrats abreast of the latest developments in the field of science, sports, politics, etc. the institute provides Dish Antennae connectivity in the boarding complex.



Hostel Room Inside View

Rules for visitors
. Persons certified by the parents will be allowed to enter the hostel. No visitor is allowed to stay over night in the hostel /guest room without the written permission of the warden.
. The visiting hours are 7:00 am to 8:00 am and 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm.
. The visitors' vehicles are not allowed on the campus if they do not have any luggage.
. Visitors should enter their vehicle number in the register maintained at the main gate by the security staff.
. No visitor is allowed to take his/her ward with him/her in the market without seeking permission from the hostel Superintendent.
. Parents must not give expensive articles to their children.
. Guardians/parents must not visit the hostel to see their wards frequently It can disturb the boarder emotionally.

Hostel's Rules:
All the boarders shall have to abide by the following hostel rules:
. No boarder is allowed to keep items like ornaments, electrical gadgets in the rooms.
. Ragging is strictly prohibited. Ti any one involves himself/herself in this malpractice, he/she shall be expelled from the Institute.
. Damaging the institute's property is a severely punishable act leading to expulsion.
. Consumption of a alcohol in the hostel premises is strictly prohibited.
. Smoking is strictly Prohibited.
. Induling in an unholy row with the members of the staff will be treated as an offence and the culprit can be expelled from the Institute
. Playing cards and gambling is strictly prohibited.
. Boarders are not Permited to past posters /calendars on the walls of the rooms.
. No hosteler is aIlowed to leave the hostel before obtaining leave of absence to go home from the hostel superintendent or warden.
. Hosteler are directed not to enter or leave the campus after 9 p.m. incase anyone reports late, they must produce their identity cards to the security guard on duty at the main gate and make necessary entries in the register kept at the main gate.
. Shouting or sitting on the dinning table is strictly prohibited, if anyone is found doing so will have to face serious consequences.
. Girls cannot visit the boys' hostel.
. Boys cannot visit the girls' hostel. Parents can meet their wards in the waiting room of the hostel.
. Girls are not permitted to remain out of the hostel after 7 p.m., failing which they shall be debarred from the hostel accommodation.
. Hostellers must take care of the safety of their belongings inside the room. The Institute shall not be responsible for any missing /loss of item.
. Mess is compulsory for all the boarders unless otherwise exempted by the competent authority.
. Cooking is strictly prohibited in the hostel rooms.

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